Unless an exception has been requested in advance, you must register your student in our online registration system BEFORE submitting forms along with payment.

Registration will open at 7 pm on

Thursday, September 20, 2018.





Important Information Registration:

Forms and Payment are due

in the office Thursday,
September 27, 2018.


If all forms and payment are not received by September 27 and the club you are registering for is full, your student’s name will be removed from the club enrollment list and a student from the wait list will be notified to complete the registration process.

If you have a problem during the registration process, please contact us at pto.marshall@gmail.com

The Registration Process: 

  • At the designated date and time, click on the registration link. This will take you to the VolunteerSpot website.
  • Enter your email address (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot
  • Signup: Choose the club that you wish to register for. If your club is full, please add your information to the corresponding wait list. 
  • If you are signing up more than one child for the same club, please reserve a spot for each child by clicking on the plus sign under the "your spot" button.
  • Receive email: VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation email with a link to the required documents to complete the registration process. Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. 
  • Please print, complete and sign the Enrichment Registration Forms and send them in to school. 
  • Remember to include payment, cash or check. Your are welcome to send one check with multiple club payments. Please make checks to Marshall PTO. 
  • Receive confirmation of completed registration. An email will be sent to you by the club leader confirming that your signed documents and payment have been received and your student is registered. 
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!! If your student's name is on the enrollment list and your signed registration documents and payment are not received by the deadline, your student's name will be removed from the club enrollment list and a student from the wait list will be notified to complete the registration process. 
  • Students will be enrolled on a first come basis (based on date and time of registration). 
  •  If you do not have access to a computer, handheld device (i.e. phone, ipad), or the Internet and are interested in one of these clubs, please send a note with your student, no later than Thursday, September 27, indicating your interest. Be sure to label it ATTN: PTO. This is NOT a guarantee that your child is in the club, but we will do our best. We will be taking students on a first-come basis (based on date and time of registration).
  • Any spots remaining on the registration deadline will be filled by students on the club's waiting list. 


Are Scholarships Available? The PTO does not want any student to be left out of Enrichment Club activities for economic reasons. Scholarships are available. Please contact the Principal at Marshall Elementary with any inquiries.